A security expert who collaborates with schools across the country identifies ways to improve school security and safety--and parents are key

6 things parents can do to boost school security efforts

A national security expert who collaborates with schools across the country identifies ways to improve campus safety and security--and parents play a vital role

As students head back to the classroom, parents of school-age children can play a significant role in helping assure violence prevention and school security measures are implemented in their child’s school.

Parents can be as influential as school board members, superintendents, principals, and teachers in helping prevent violence in schools. In fact, parents–who are also taxpayers and voters–have the power to effect change if they are willing to become involved both individually and collectively.

All members of the education community–including parents–need to be involved in helping provide a safe and secure environment where children can learn without fear. Don’t wait until something bad happens.

To help parents become more involved in securing school campuses, here are six school security steps to get started:

1. Talk to your children about school security. Students are very tuned into what happens on their campuses. They know where there are weak spots in the school security plans. Also talk to them about resolving conflicts in a peaceful, nonviolent manner and about immediately reporting to school officials any threatening talk or behavior from other students.

 2. Visit your child’s campus and talk with administrators about the school security plan. Among other things, find out how visitors can enter the campus. Ask if the exterior doors and classroom doors are regularly locked and monitored throughout the day. Ask about security drills in place at their school, especially Active Shooter or other emergency lockdown procedures. Check to see if the campus has cameras that monitoring entries, hallways, and common areas. Ask how they are stopping weapons from entering their school and if the school has a crisis plan in place for overseeing an armed person on campus. What is the school protocol of notification of parents of any emergencies and where do parents go for reunification? This is very crucial during an emergency. Is there an anonymous tip line for students and parents to report suspicious activities or rumors?

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