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4 ways to customize classroom goals for students

Highlighted research and examples from educators on social media reveals how using custom goals for students is worthwhile.

2. Custom goals can focus on the journey, rather than the destination.

Second grade teacher Suzanne Hill from Walnut Hill Elementary in Woodbury, New Jersey, created an inspiring bulletin board that showcases the journey JiJi the penguin (from software program ST Math) takes as students complete their goals in the program.

3. Custom goals can be adjusted over time.

“I set weekly goals for the class to increase their ST Math progress by a certain percentage. This week it was 10 percent and last week it was 5 percent. That way everyone has a chance to be successful. Everyone progresses at a different pace, so I have seen more success when I make it more personalized. I increased the goal by 5 percent to make it more challenging for my class because the majority of the class had well over 5 percent progress the previous week.” – Ms. Cooper from Parkade Elementary in Columbia, OH.

4. Custom goals give an opportunity to celebrate instances of perseverance or learning from mistakes, rather than just completion of tasks.

University Prep in Denver, Colorado, gives out a perseverance penguin to a scholar who demonstrates perseverance. The student gets to keep the penguin on their desk all week!

New Custom Goal Posters in ST Math

Do you use ST Math in your classroom?

While percentage progress in the program is a straightforward way to measure student progress, it isn’t the only way.

You can now create your own goal posters for your class with specific goals that are SMART and tailored to your students. These posters are available as interactive digital posters online, or they can can be printed to use on a bulletin board.

Explore the new poster tools on the ST Math Central resource site!

ST Math Goal Ideas

Getting started:

  • Each student knows their password
  • Each student is logged in within 2 minutes

Celebrating math mastery:

  • 3 percent class progress in one session
  • # students solved >100 puzzles in one session
  • Class average progress 50 percent
  • # students scored 100 percent on post quizzes

Making deeper math connections:

  • # students shared thinking in one session
  • Made # connections between ST Math game and math curriculum
  • # students used physical manipulatives during session
  • # students shared how they learned from their mistakes

Celebrating perseverance:

  • Played 90 minutes/week for one month
  • # students this month persevered through a stuck place
  • # students logged in at home in one week
  • # students passed Big Seed
  • # students played over the weekend
Create your interactive goals poster on ST Math Central and when your class completes a goal, a new puzzle piece will be revealed.

[Editor’s note: This post originally published on the MIND Research Institute Blog.]

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