App of the Week: Go virtual for NGSS

Virtual labs epitomize the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.

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What’s It Like? 

Inq-ITS is a collection of virtual labs for middle schoolers, including topics such as Plate Tectonics, Natural Selection, Forces & Motion, and Phase Changes. Students learn this content through virtual simulations that allow them to design and conduct their own investigations. The virtual labs are broken into four sections described as the Phases of Inquiry: Hypothesis, Collect Data, Analyze Data, and Explain Findings.

Price: Free to Try, Paid

Grades: 5-10

Rating: 5/5

Pros: Teachers receive real-time alerts about where their students are struggling.

Cons: Currently, simulations are only available for some of the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas.

Bottom line: Earth, life, and physical science simulations coach kids through the NGSS Practices.

Meris Stansbury

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