3 ways districts can use AR and AI

Thanks to exciting new innovations, teachers are improving student learning

Artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality, and cognitive science research sound like science fiction for today’s classrooms, but this technology is available today. Innovation and technology are as integral to education today as chalkboards were in the past. And with the introduction of emerging, new, and proven technology-enhanced innovations, teachers are creating new ways of teaching and improving student learning, leading to a shift in pedagogy.

Here are three of the latest innovations our district is using.


Lumilo is a pair of mixed-reality smart glasses that provide teachers with continuous, real-time feedback about their students’ learning, metacognition, and behavior, as well as potential effects of their own teaching. These glasses leverage the wealth of real-time analytics that drive AI-powered educational software (but which normally remain hidden behind the scenes), converting them into a visual form that is readily accessible to and actionable by teachers.

In this picture, math teacher Dana Rongaus is using Lumilo in her math class.

When a teacher glances around her classroom, Lumilo allows her to see real-time analytics (in the form of icons) floating directly above each student’s head. The teacher can glance directly at a student or “click” on a student’s icon to see more detailed information about where and how that student might be struggling.

These are examples of what a teacher sees when glancing at her class through Lumilo.

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