This school year is unlike any other. More than 90 percent of households with school-age children are engaged in some form of distance learning from home, while college students are navigating a variety of hybrid remote learning environments. These new learning environments present challenges for educators and school IT leaders alike.

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As educational institutions of all sizes are weighing how to keep students engaged while also ensuring their safety, IT departments are faced with a difficult task – how to keep operations running regardless of the learning environment.

Supporting students in the age of remote learning

Today’s K-12 and higher education students were born in the internet era and are able to easily adapt to new modes of communication and learning. Knowing this, educational institutions must prioritize investment of remote learning technologies that can keep up with students’ abilities and needs. Providing students with this seamless learning environment is dependent on teachers having reliable access to institutional networks from home and the classroom.

About the Author:

John Pellettiere is Senior Director and General Manager – State, Local and Education for Nutanix.