ClassFlow launches new teacher-parent communication app

The new Moments app allows teachers to chat with parents and share assignments, announcements and awards-

ClassFlow Moments, a new free app for teacher-parent communication, is the latest addition to Promethean’s collaborative learning software ClassFlow. With the ClassFlow Moments app, teachers can easily share classroom assignments, announcements, and awards with parents so they can proactively engage with their students’ learning. ClassFlow Moments is free for parents.

“Most parents can identify with asking their children about school and receiving a one-word answer,” said Vincent Young, the Chief Marketing Officer at Promethean. “ClassFlow Moments offers a new way for teachers to connect parents to their students’ classroom activities. As teachers assign homework or reward students with award badges in ClassFlow, they can easily alert parents at the same time. The parent-student conversation after school then shifts to ‘Tell me how you earned a badge for excellent class participation today,’ or ‘What ideas interest you for your science project?’ With the ClassFlow Moments app, students receive additional support from their family to reinforce their education.”

According to a report from the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL), “Programs and interventions that engage families in supporting their children’s learning at home are linked to higher student achievement.” Using the ClassFlow Moments app, teachers can bring parents and guardians into the learning process by sharing classroom content directly from ClassFlow – the hub where they direct classroom activities, deliver lessons, launch quizzes and interactive polls, and send out homework assignments.

Using their ClassFlow account and the free ClassFlow Moments app, teachers can send parents:
• Class assignments: Communicate assignments and their due dates so parents can work with their student to encourage timely and quality completion.
• Class activities and announcements: Remind parents to send in permission slips for a field trip, of a school celebration taking place this week, and that students have a test on Friday – all from the same place where teachers manage lessons and class content.
• Student success and awards: Notify parents of any badges given to students during class for showing initiative, being a team player, solving problems, and more.
• Messages: Chat with parents securely from the app. Teachers can chat one-on-one with an individual parent, or start a group chat to reach all parents.

“It’s so important to invite parents and guardians into the learning process, but it can be challenging when I’m already pressed for time as a special rotations teacher focused on STEAM learning and technology,” said Jaime Vandergrift, Instructional Technology Specialist and ClassFlow Ambassador. “ClassFlow Moments makes it easy to keep parents informed about what’s happening in my classroom and our school. There are quick and simple instructions for parents on how to get and use the app. It’s also intuitive for me as a teacher, since the ClassFlow lesson software I’m already using can directly share information with parents through the app. An open line of communication between the teacher and the parent is essential in shaping a student’s learning journey.”

Laura Ascione

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