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"Teach Your Course Online" teaches you how to how to engage with your students

Teachers, professors, educators, and instructors are suddenly in a place where they need to teach from home to their students. Several of these teachers do not know how to navigate online courses and distance learning. 


Actor and Voice talent, David Lawrence XVII, who is the creator of the voice acting website, decided to create a free digital course on Zoom targeted for teachers. Lawrence’s new project “Teach Your Course Online” has launched today. The video course gives teachers a step by step process on how to engage with their students, use the correct cameras and lights for their makeshift video classrooms and his own personal tips and tricks.


Lawrence wants to be an aid for educators in this difficult time of need. This is his gift to teachers.


“Consider the countless number of teachers who will be able to take better care of our kids online by taking this course.” Lawrence said, ”A teacher’s superpower is teaching, not knowing the ins and outs of cameras, mics, lights, and keeping our kids safe on Zoom.”


The course will be free for a month, after a month the course will be $49.00.
Teach Your Own Course Online: 

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