Here are some great ways to ensure your school's tech is ready for a new school year.

8 ways to ensure tech readiness this school year

With each new school year, schools can take measures to ensure their tech tools and priorities are ready to go

Before each new school year starts, educators have been busy preparing, organizing, and welcoming students back to school–and that means ensuring tech tools and digital resources are ready to go.

District administrators, principals, and teachers are prepping for full classrooms and full schedules. Now is a great time to double-check school priorities, tech tools, and instructional strategies for the coming school year.

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Check out these resources and educator’s perspectives to get your school 100 percent ready to welcome students back for another year.

1. Ensuring a happy school
Happy schools begin with happy teachers in classrooms. If educators and staff don’t feel supported, listened to, and fulfilled, they can’t fulfill their students academic, social, and emotional needs. Positive mindsets and mental health strategies are instrumental in this goal.

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