Wireless screen sharing meets the need for easy classroom collaboration and simple technology solutions

How wireless screen sharing helps schools cut cords

Wireless screen sharing meets the need for easy classroom collaboration and simple technology solutions

Technology has become central to day-to-day processes inside schools, whether it’s the classroom, common areas, staff rooms or lunch areas. In fact, 95 percent of teachers report that they use technology regularly, highlighting just how prevalent and inseparable it is from modern methods and styles of educating.

However, in this post-pandemic and technology-abundant era, teachers are faced with the challenge of facilitating collaboration amongst students–something that was lacking from the remote scene–while still being mindful of health concerns and guidelines. One potential solution that satisfies the need for collaboration while simplifying complex technology is wireless screen sharing. 

Wireless screen sharing: The convenient, touchless solution 

Traditionally, whenever the teacher or students needed to present something to the class, they would have to plug an HDMI cord into their device. Yet as mentioned previously, people would like to avoid touching and passing around a cable – especially on days where most of the class is presenting. Plus, who knows which adapters you might need, or if the HDMI cable is even still in the room. What if the cable gets plugged in, but nothing turns on? No teacher wants to spend their entire class time fiddling with cords instead of actually teaching.

Wireless screen sharing is a touchless alternative to HDMI cords, and it also offers a convenient way for people to share their screens. With screen mirroring solutions, anyone throughout the classroom can present securely from any screen on any device (with permission, of course). This technology improves teamwork and saves time between presenters. Plus, it takes the pressure off the student as wireless presentation systems are easy to use for every age group.

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