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Educational flashcards created to improve learning engagement in children

While the current COVID-19 virus lock-down continues, many children across the world are unable to attend school. Parents and teachers alike may need to come up with creative ways to keep the children occupied and also provide them with education from home.

During these hard times, Octagon Studio would like to support those who are currently at home with our #LearnFromHome campaign. We are giving away 3,000 serial numbers and digital markers for users to enjoy our educational Augmented Reality experiences for free. This campaign shall be ongoing until the pandemic is over or until the 30,000 quotas have been met.

To get a free serial number, users can simply visit our website at and scroll through to find the #LearnFromHome campaign banner. By clicking the CLAIM NOW button and fill in their details, users will receive an email from us containing a free serial number and the digital markers of the product of
their choice. Each serial number can be used on one device, and each email address can be registered to claim one product out of five available 4D+ series: Animal 4D+,
Octaland 4D+, Space 4D+, Dinosaur 4D+, and Humanoid 4D+.

About Octagon Studio & the 4D+ Flashcard Series
Octagon Studio is a multimedia company specializing in providing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) products and services. Among others, we are known for our 4D+ product line, a series of educational flashcards created to improve learning engagement in children with the user of AR.

Animal 4D+
The Animal 4D+ Flashcards App is created to highlight the beauty and importance of wildlife on Earth. Various animals are magically brought to life in realistic 3D animation for the children to observe, along with their unique sounds and movements. This series is designed to contribute to building children’s awareness about the diversity of animal species and the importance of preserving, protecting, and saving the ecological balance.

Octaland 4D+
Octaland 4D+ features an assortment of real-life occupations through 26 Octanian characters from A-Z.

Space 4D+
Designed and created to inspire children with the wonders of our universe, Space 4D+ App is a simple yet smart tool using Augmented reality technology to take children on a journey to the edges of our solar system, where they can easily observe and learn about various celestial bodies and space explorations.

Dinosaur 4D+
Dinosaur 4D+ App gives you the prehistoric experience of unleashing extinct dinosaurs right before your very eyes! Pair the app with Dinosaur 4D+ flashcards and watch as the realistic 3D dinosaurs leap out of the flashcards in Augmented Reality.

Humanoid 4D+
The Humanoid 4D+ App is an educational Augmented Reality app designed to provide colorful and interactive illustrations of human anatomy along with its various systems and how they work.

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