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Remote Learning Taught by World-Class Instructors

Introducing Osmo Live: Designed for Remote Learning and Taught by World-Class Instructors for Grades K-5

Today Osmo, the company behind a new category of seamless, digital and hands-on play for ages 5-12 and used in over 35,000 U.S. elementary school classrooms, announced the launch of Osmo Live, a new interactive platform for live learning that offers engaging, hands-on Bootcamps for children in grades K-5. Taught by some of the best elementary instructors in the U.S., each six weeks-long Bootcamp covers a critical life-long skill including Art and Creativity, Coding, and Math.

Nationwide COVID-19 school closures have given millions of parents the responsibility of ensuring their kids continue their education at home. In tandem, children who have been confined to home for months because of shelter-in-place orders have lacked the stimulation and socialization of the regular classroom that makes them excited to learn, ultimately leading to a drop in engagement and outcomes. Despite claims that the COVID-19 pandemic is improving, these remain critical issues for parents and their kids.

“Osmo Live is a simple and intuitive program that keeps children engaged and excited to learn,” said Dave Blanchard, who works in Teacher Development at Saint Cloud State University and helped design Osmo Live. “The Osmo Live Bootcamp series isn’t just another webinar for kids, it’s extracurricular learning done right.”

Osmo Live optimizes the online classroom for engaged learning by fostering communication and collaboration for children in a way that has never been done before. Developed with feedback from thousands of teachers in Osmo’s nationwide network, Osmo Live includes:

  • One-to-one Connection. Instructors can survey children to understand how they are feeling, ensuring everyone is heard and supported. Additionally, only instructors can broadcast, which keeps children focused on their work and minimizes distractions.
  • Interactivity. A speech-to-text function, live chat feature with emojis and in-class poll questions allow instructors to incorporate live Q&As into the curriculum and multiple children to actively participate in discussions at a time without interrupting the flow of learning.
  • Online / Offline Integration. Advanced learning requires more than watching a teacher instruct over video. Children can engage with the classes using real-world objects like pencil and paper, and share photos of their work with instructors to work through problems and collaborate with the entire class in real-time.
  • Personalized Feedback. At the end of each session, children are given an extended learning activity so the learning doesn’t stop once class is over. Instructors provide personalized feedback on all activities to make sure every child understands the content and stays on track.

“It’s so important that kids never stop learning, even when faced with a crisis like COVID-19,” said Pramod Sharma, Osmo’s CEO and co-founder. “So we spent the last two months working with teachers to make a product built for remote learning and are excited to unveil Osmo Live Bootcamps to ease the burden on hardworking parents and keep kids busy while schools are closed.”

Each weekly session lasts one hour and generates two to three hours of extended learning activities. In Art & Creativity, kids bring out their creative side by learning drawing techniques; in Coding, they start developing critical STEM skills; and in Math, they explore how math makes up everything in our world, from flowers to planetary orbits.

Osmo Live is designed to be used on any device. Each Bootcamp is priced at $150, and parents signing up for more than one will receive a $25 discount.

To learn more or register your child for an Osmo Live Bootcamp, visit:

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