dyslexic students

11 online tools & apps for dyslexic students

How teaching tools and apps can make learning a lot more enjoyable for dyslexic students.

OCR Instantly Pro

While many books are available in audio form, some worksheets and class assignments will result in difficulty, and be really hard for your students to do. To make sure they fully understand their work, this app can convert a photo of text  into an audio file.

Easy Word Count

Dyslexic students may find approaching huge chunks of text daunting. This website makes it simple to divide text up into more palatable bite size pieces. They can aim to read one hundred words at a time, rather than face longer texts that may make them panic.

Cite It In

As students get older, there are many papers that need to be written and handed in at a much higher standard. They also need to worry about references and bibliographies. This website can ease the pressure by producing their references quickly and efficiently.


Many spellcheckers overlook context and homonyms, however Ginger is very in-depth and will pick up all errors.

Keeble Keyboard

Typing with dyslexia can be a challenge, however this keyboard can offer advanced prediction of words as well as auditory feedback, so they can really sound out words. This is a smart app,  that will learn the vocabulary the user regularly uses to predict words more accurately.

With a great teacher and a good attitude there is no reason for a dyslexic student not to be successful.

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