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Report: Gamifying computer science is an easy place to start

A new platform makes it easier for schools without computer science teachers to offer the subject to students

With efforts to expand computer science education growing across the nation, some schools still grapple with a big problem: they don’t have the staff or space to accommodate a computer science course.

In fact, though interest in computer science education, and access to it, is growing, a recent report found that not enough students are taking high-quality computer science classes at the high school and university levels.

The report found that just half of U.S. states actually count computer science as a math or science credit rather than an elective, and 29 states lack computer science teacher certification programs.

But a new approach that teaches coding through gamification makes it easy for teachers with zero computer science background to teach coding to students.

CodeCombat offers a game-based platform through which students learn coding in an engaging manner. And this fall, schools are introducing the platform as a way to connect students to computer science and coding in a more permanent way.

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