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AR for ELL: ‘I had students screaming and jumping up and down’

Two educators explore how AR brings fun and excitement to English language learners.

Lisa Dunnigan: Finding a Fun Way to Close a District’s Achievement Gaps

In the Douglas County School System, we are always trying to close the achievement gaps that exist for our ELLs and other struggling learners—while at the same time making lessons fun.

To accomplish these two goals at the same time, we use a lot of hands-on manipulatives and, because our students are digital natives, we are always looking for tech-based instructional tools. So, when I was attending the most recent National Title I Conference and saw Letters alive in action, I knew that it would be a great learning tool for all of our struggling learners.

We now use Letters alive in all nine Title I kindergarten classes during ELA instruction. Seeing animals jumping out at them gets students focused, attentive, and ready to learn! Augmented reality is especially helpful for ELL students because it is so hands-on and interactive.

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